Saturday, 9 September 2017

Endau Rompin Camping Days ❤️ Day 1

spent my long weekend in the forest
my first camp experience =D

was departing from KL in the early morning
departing around 5-ish in the morning, reached in Yong Peng around 7-ish.
hee~ not much car in the morning, so i can speed and reached Yong Peng earlier to get breakfast =D

start another journey after the breakfast
it's another 30-45 mins drive to reach the office from Yong Peng

after the registration etc..
we all squeeze into the friend's 4WD to go into the forest

get ready, and LET'S START THE JOURNEY!

 =it's another 30-45 mins drive into the campsite=
and yea~ finally see the sign!
but.. this is not the campsite yet..
the campsite is further in..

and finally!! THE CAMP SITE!

there were many people came fr camping too.
look at all those 4WD, damn cool!

jiejie & me =)

started to build the tent~
these two kids are more expert than me

the room for the nights were ready!!

and our tent was ready too!

after we set up our stuff, we walked around to see others' tents.

this tent is cool! it's at upstairs, and there's a changing room down there

this looks damn solid

this is the luxury tent. LOL! damn spacious.

mahjung in the forest. XD

and the kids are so cute.
they entertained themselves with their toys =D

we had steamboat on the first night.
it's so romantic. LOL! with just a small light there.
-end fr the first day-

Next update: hike to the waterfalls on the second day.
to be continue... ❤️

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