Saturday, 9 September 2017

Endau Rompin Camping Days ❤️ Day 1

spent my long weekend in the forest
my first camp experience =D

was departing from KL in the early morning
departing around 5-ish in the morning, reached in Yong Peng around 7-ish.
hee~ not much car in the morning, so i can speed and reached Yong Peng earlier to get breakfast =D

start another journey after the breakfast
it's another 30-45 mins drive to reach the office from Yong Peng

after the registration etc..
we all squeeze into the friend's 4WD to go into the forest

get ready, and LET'S START THE JOURNEY!

 =it's another 30-45 mins drive into the campsite=
and yea~ finally see the sign!
but.. this is not the campsite yet..
the campsite is further in..

and finally!! THE CAMP SITE!

there were many people came fr camping too.
look at all those 4WD, damn cool!

jiejie & me =)

started to build the tent~
these two kids are more expert than me

the room for the nights were ready!!

and our tent was ready too!

after we set up our stuff, we walked around to see others' tents.

this tent is cool! it's at upstairs, and there's a changing room down there

this looks damn solid

this is the luxury tent. LOL! damn spacious.

mahjung in the forest. XD

and the kids are so cute.
they entertained themselves with their toys =D

we had steamboat on the first night.
it's so romantic. LOL! with just a small light there.
-end fr the first day-

Next update: hike to the waterfalls on the second day.
to be continue... ❤️

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Oh yumm, Haagen Dazs ❤️

always get distracted with the word "期间限定" in Japan.
everything looks so yum. and it's more exclusive with the word "期间限定"
in the end, we bought everything to try.

the first must try food is the Haagen Dazs!
very few choices in msia, so, is a must to try out all the flavors there!

but i forgot to help them do close up shot. lol!
so end up, it turns a bit messy here. oops~ 😁😁😁

the oreo crunch ❤️

my love --- > haagen dazs strawberry flavor ❤️

Left : Kinako Kuromitsu (Mochi + Soybean powder + Brown sugar syrup)
Right: Goma Kurumi (Mochi + Walnut + Black sesame syrup)

Japonais with red bean paste
this is awesome match too ❤️

This Strawberry Custard Tart is killer!
is really taste like strawberry cheese cake~~
oh yummmmm~~~

to conclude,
it's a must to try all the haagen dazs ice cream in Jap~
there's more other flavors. but my stomach cant finish all of them..
So, I'll be back again, 
Jap ❤️

Oh yumm, Beef ❤

Flipping thru my Japan trip in April. 
but unfortunately, nothing can beat the beef in Japan.
It's so unforgettable. 

We look for this shop for quite some time. as it's at upstairs of a building, it's not obvious.
we can see it from far, but we were trying to figure how to get to the building. LOL!

and yeap! we found the place! but there's a long queue for the lift.
we queued for around 20 mins to reach the restaurant. but.. it's full and we didn't made any reservation. So, we gotto wait.
since it's open till the next morning. So we decided to go out to buy some bentos and onigiris from departmental store. Then only we go back fr the yaniku.

the Matsuzaka Beef we ordered.
//ps: matsuzaka beef is black-haired wagyu// my first time to know this
and it didn't let me disappointed. 

the seafood are fresh too!
the big scallop! and the crab~
oh yummm~~

can you see the layers of fat in the piece of beef.

a short clip.
listen the sizzlinggg...
oh myy~~

a group photo. =)

and surprise~! They serve us the dessert fr free~!
and it's nice!
the mochi ice cream with a pocky 

I had forgotten the prices. Can go to their website to look at the menu.

the beef is really worth fr the price. 
and you can really feel it melting in the mouth. 

So, it's a must try in Shinjuku!

Yakiniku-Tei Rokkasen
Sunflower Building 6 F / 7 F,
1-3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,160-0023, Japan

Opening Hour
week days / Sunday /national holiday
11:00 AM ~05:00 AM (next day)

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Giselle 1st Birthday, Mickey + Minnie themed

when i know that my cousin was going to hav a birthday fr the little kid.. i was so excited..
was volunteered to decor the place fr the little princess =)
she was choosing Mickey + Minnie theme fr the birthday party =)
the time was a little bit too rush fr the preparation.. and most of the stuff i was done by myself..
so it's not so perfect.. but this was my first time to decor fr the birthday, i tried my best already..
hope it'll get better fr the second one =)

she's too cute =)
the cutlery with customised mickey~
and the paper cups.. they are just too cutee~~~
all the mickey's minnie's heads looks great when they put together..
was still worried that they wont be nice..
and some photo props.. 
goodie bags fr the kids =) 
and cup cakes~ =)
overall look..
i feel it's a little bit messy.. there's rooms fr improvement =)
and the family photos~
and whole family =)
i admit organizing such birthday party was stressful during the preparation..
but it was so satisfying after viewing back the photos.. =)
thinking to go back to event life.. but i am still fighting between my angel and devil in my heart..

anyway, Happy birthday my little princess =)